Should Historic Tour Companies Buy or Lease 1300 Numbers

There is no doubt that 1300 numbers are great for any business and acquiring them sounds like a good idea. However, is leasing better than buying one and what benefits do they provide? Unlike other options, 1300 numbers are portable, and you can use them for as long as your business remains active.

Most businesspeople, especially startups, consider the low leasing price when choosing a 1300 number and forget other factors that determine the overall cost of the number. This guide shows you the differences between the two numbers.

Leased 1300 Numbers

Before you decide whether to buy or lease a 1300 number, you have to make the decision whether to buy a normal issue number or a smart number. Smart numbers come with memorable patterns while normal issues numbers are random. The right of use of Smart numbers are purchased from the government by telcos or Phoneword companies.

When the RoU is acquired, the companies get the right to lease out these numbers to businesses that need a specific number at a fee. You can decide to lease the number for exclusive use where you get sole rights as long as you pay monthly charges or shared use. Shared use means your number can be leased out to another business in a separate region.

Bought 1300 Numbers

Besides leasing, you can buy the RoU of a 1300 number. Normal issue numbers are readily available from telcos, and you can choose between thousands of numbers while checking for those with a repeating pattern. The bought numbers will stay active as long as they are connected to the provider and your account is paid for.

Buying smart numbers from the government is a little different. You will have to buy them from and choose the one you fancy among almost a million numbers available on the system. The price of 1300 smart numbers starts at $250.

After buying the smart number, you can lease it to another business. Ensure you get a trusted provider to get it active. You can also sell the number or even keep it disconnected for up to three years.

Lease or Buy?

Leasing should only be done if the number you are interested in is only available for lease in the area your business is operating from. Note that, the number you choose might be used by other business in other regions. Also, note that you will be paying monthly charges for a leased line.

If you need to have full control of your business, your best bet is to buy it – the number will last as long as your business is operating. You can shift providers and move with your number. Whichever option you go for, ensure that you take your time choosing a provider and a plan that will save you money.

Get a 1300 Number

A 1300 number is great for any business. In the long run, buying a 1300 number is cost-effective, unlike leasing which costs you monthly charges. You should get 1300 number since they are very reliable and they will boost your business marketing efforts.
Get a 1300 number today and grow your business.

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