The Best Way to Remineralize Teeth

Tooth decay, also known as cavities or caries, occurs when different types of bacteria that are found in the plaque coating teeth end up producing a harmful acid that erodes and destroys the structure of the tooth.

In order for these bacteria to blossom and generate plaque acids, they feed on carbohydrates and sugar, and if left untreated for a long period of time, the tooth erosion causes tooth loss, pain, and infection. According to dentists, the main factors that cause tooth decay include acidic foods and drinks, poor oral hygiene and junk food.

Calcium and phosphate are minerals that aid in making up tooth enamel, along with dentin and the bone. Moreover, these two minerals help in the prevention of tooth decay and future cavities.
Studies have shown that as we grow old, we end up losing the minerals found in our teeth due to acidic and sugary foods. If the bacteria are untreated and end up destroying the bone and enamel, there is no possible way to get both back unless of course, one replaces their tooth fully.

However, there are home remedies as well as lifestyle changes that if adopted early enough, can help replenish the calcium and phosphate and go a long way in preventing tooth decay. This procedure is called remineralization.

Some of the best way to remineralize teeth after a tooth decay as mentioned largely involve a lifestyle change. If you are suffering from tooth decay, speak to your dentist about the various treatment options available.

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